More than a chilli company

KURA is a social enterprise and global exporter of high-quality chillies grown by smallholder women farmers in Rwanda.

Fresh chillies

Africa’s finest fresh chillies

KURA chillies have a unique floral and fruity flavour. Our five varieties of fresh Rwandan chillies cater to a wide heat range, from sweet and mild to moderate and hot.

Chilli products

Exceptional flavour profiles

KURA uses its top-quality Rwandan chillies to make a range of chilli products that stand proud on local and international shelves.

Connecting Rwandan smallholder women farmers to the world

Green farming

Conservation agriculture makes a big difference

KURA is committed to serving millions of consumers who care about how their food is grown and the way in which their purchasing decisions can impact the planet.


The journey from Rwanda to the world

KURA connects women smallholder chilli farmers in Rwanda to food distributors around the world.

Social impact

Championing women in agriculture

KURA encourages women to grow as independent farmers in Rwanda by offering innovative agronomic training, financing options and community support.