Grow more,
sell more,
earn more

Social impact

KURA’s vision is to uplift and empower women farmers in Rwanda. By working with cooperatives made up predominantly of women, KURA enables smallholder farmers to earn a steady income selling their produce. In addition, we provide them with opportunities to learn and grow so that they may one day lead their own cooperatives, start bigger farms or use their knowledge in chilli production to support other women growers.

KURA Agro lab

Training School

KURA Agro Lab trains women small-scale farmers to produce optimal yields of high-quality chillies all year round. They are taught about seed management, crop protection, biodynamic farming, harvest patterns, technological innovation and financial management, giving them the confidence to pursue their passion for farming, and providing a sustainable path for growth.

Research and Development

KURA Agro Lab has partnered with leading seed companies to develop first-generation hybrid seeds for our farmers to use to improve crop yields and quality. Our team of in-house agronomists conducts regular trials on seed performance, while monitoring the application of chemicals. Our research aims to improve our green farming practices and promote the efficient use and preservation of natural resources so as to prevent negative impact on the environment.

KURA Finance

KURA Finance, in partnership with micro-finance and development banks, provides a platform for financing our registered farmers with seed loans and crop-management products that are repaid, with no interest, at the time of harvest. Each farmer has an individual contract with KURA Finance, allowing for transparency in all transactions.

KURA Foundation

KURA Foundation promotes rural development within the wider community in which KURA’s farmers operate, by donating a percentage of the company’s profits towards education and healthcare projects. We support rural schools and hospitals located within our farming community by providing learning resources and essential medicines to KURA families.


KURA is in the process of developing an app to make its cooperatives more traceable, reachable and connected. The KURA app will be an informative digital tool for our registered farmers, comprising a database of cooperatives, their location, size of land, agricultural input needs, crops produced, harvest season and volume of production. This visibility platform will allow small-scale farmers to get the support they require, increase their production and generate more sales and income.