KURA is a global chilli exporter, connecting Rwandan smallholder chilli farmers to distributors around the world, from the UK, Europe and other African countries, to the USA, Middle East and Asia.

Globally compliant

We ensure that every step of our integrated supply chain – from seed to shipment – complies with the highest international quality, hygiene, health and safety standards. Both our fresh chillies and processed chilli products are packaged, stored and transported with the utmost care and strict sanitation protocol. KURA is fully compliant with international government regulations and procedures throughout the entire agricultural production process.

Timely and fresh

We pride ourselves on our fresh-produce shelf life. KURA collection centres, cold rooms and refrigerated vehicles are easily accessible to our farmers, ensuring our chillies remain fresh throughout their journey to our customers. KURA partners with freight companies who are committed to ship delicate and fresh commodities anywhere, rapidly and efficiently.

Environmentally conscious

KURA’s fresh chilli produce is packed in bio-degradable corrugated fibreboard boxes. Our processed chilli products such as chilli oil, chilli powder and dried chillies are sealed in recyclable bottles and other eco-friendly packaging.

Consistently reliable

In-house agronomists conduct regular inspections, analyses and grading of KURA’s chilli supplies so that every harvest delivered to customers is of a consistently high quality, with competitive pricing.

Proudly professional

Quality, traceability, reliability and impeccable service are KURA hallmarks, and our relationships with growers, farming cooperatives, transporters and customers are passionately nurtured.